Transitioning a direct sales site into a modern e-commerce experience.



As with many network marketing companies, the ASEA web experience was fractured and disjointed with more than two dozen micro-sites. Having grown to 35 markets and 23 languages, it had become easier to launch a new website than to find a way to create an adaptive singular experience. ASEA also needed to integrate a range of functionality that supported different portions of the company, including their associate enrollment flow.


We worked closely with the ASEA marketing team to develop an interactive and modern web experience that could fulfill the needs of all departments, showcasing their proprietary products in unique ways that felt scientific, without feeling sterile. Our vision was to create an easy-to-use e-commerce site that highlighted the science and created numerous opportunities to learn about and engage with the brand in new ways, helping build trust and longer-lasting relationships.
UX/UI Design, Web Content
Strapi, Xirect

Integrating e-commerce and direct sales

We wanted new customers, existing associates, and everyone in between to feel a sense of excitement when coming to and navigating around the ASEA site. It wanted to be a home for all these people to reconnect in a virtual environment. All navigation around the site is meant to feel seamless, from educational pages to product detail pages to event registration pages.

Simplifying the Science

The goal of the content was to explain complex topics in simple terms and make everyone coming to the ASEA site feel excited and empowered in their wellness journey. Because the majority of ASEA’s products are built on proprietary technology, it created the need to explain what it does and why someone would want to use it. The voice leaned into a slightly feminine, confident, and straightforward persona that felt more like a friend than a business.

Self-Replicating Consultant Sites

We developed a single digital experience on the ASEA domain, which automatically self-replicates for Consultants upon enrollment. As a result, the related Consultant’s information appears on the universal header throughout the site to consistently inform visitors which Consultant they are shopping or enrolling with. The replicated version utilizes the corporate domain with a variable in the URL to connect a particular Consultant, while the content on both versions of the Website remain the same.

Simple User Experiences

We wanted the site to feel professional, technologically forward, and welcoming all at the same time. For this reason, we infused a mixture of personal touches - customers, products, testimonials - with motion graphics, and just enough scientific detail to instill confidence in new consumers.

Community Driven Design

ASEA has built its product line and reputation on a proprietary Redox technology that supports a healthy lifestyle starting at the cellular level. While this historically led to a very clinical website, we wanted to tap into the real differentiation of the ASEA brand - the community of associates, athletes, and employees who all believe in what their technology could do.

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