Crafting a community identity that encourages families to come together



Firefly is a new Utah community, currently under construction. When complete, residents will live in an environment that encourages kids to put down their devices and help families to reconnect. We were tasked with creating an identity that not only spoke to the place, but helped tie it to the mission the community is embarking on.


We began thinking about the brand system as something that could evolve and grow, just like a community, and just like a family. It speaks to different times of day, different types of activities, and even different phases of life. It taps into concepts of natural beauty and outdoor living that the community will provide it's residents, without forgetting about the more intimate moments parents, kids, and extended family experience together on a day to day basis.
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A Brand Built for Play

Do you remember that feeling of running home during the summer as a kid, just as the sun was going down? That is the feeling we wanted the Firefly brand to convey, whether someone was seeing it for the first or four hundredth time.

Speaking to Parents

Our advertising and marketing collateral carries the same visual language as the brand, but speaks more directly to the modern day concerns parents have around technology and their kids - and the desire to help kids get offline and find their way back into the real world.

A Digital Playground

The website still embodies the physical brand elements, but tells a more dynamic story, tying it to the development itself. When experienced as part of the overall resident journey, we wanted everyone to see a life where they can easily get offline and outside, with Firefly.

The Digital Dilemma

A major part of the branding exercise revolved around the client's desire to help parents get their kids off of their devices - the Digital Dilemma. This meant a brand and brand elements that felt as tactile as the world we live in, with a comfort that allows the conversation to happen naturally with these future resident parents.

Community by Design

There's a community, and then there's community. While Firefly is a place to live, we wanted to help design a place that was more than that. We wanted to help design a place where people want to come together, know each other, and experience the world with one another.

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