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HempLucid wanted a modern brand and web experience that would stand out in today’s crowded CBD market. As part of the refresh, they were also looking for new ways to educate consumers, cut down on misinformation, and infuse their brand story into customer touchpoints that would lead to a deeper, longer-term connection.


There is often apprehension and uncertainty about CBD products. Our goal was to create a brand that conveyed confidence, and a site that cut through these worries by providing clear messaging and a straightforward shopping experience. By focusing on the healthy lifestyle associated with CBD and being upfront with information, we knew our Client would quickly stand apart from their competitors and encourage customers to become a part of the HempLucid family.
Branding, Packaging, UX/UI Design


While we knew a strong visual brand would be critical, developing a unique brand story around Hemplucid created a foundation and consistent strategy for our team to build from. This resulted in a brand that feels grounded, yet supported by more organic and spiritual elements – and ultimately created a brand more about holistic health than just about CBD products.


We tasked ourselves with continuing to incorporate organic visuals into cleaner brand elements that resulted in packaging a consumer would naturally gravitate toward. Instead of blending into a monochromatic crowd, we chose to let Hemplucid stand apart through bolder graphics and color.

A new web experience

HempLucid’s website is, at its core, an e-commerce site. As a result, the majority of the experience is centered around creating an easy shopping and purchasing experience. Product pages clearly highlight product specifications, pricing, availability, and even unique ethical goals. Customizations to the Shopify cart, review, and checkout process make the traditional flow just a bit simpler and easier to navigate.

Inspired Brand Identity

After exploring different directions with the Hemplucid team, it became clear that the new identity needed to be simple and strong, while still incorporating organic undertones that CBD naturally gravitates towards. As we worked through this visual merger, one icon began rising to the top – a lion – which has strong ties to CBD and an emotional connection for the brand’s founders.

Sacred E-Commerce

We wanted a clean web layout, paired with organic backgrounds and fluid information blocks that tied into the newly completed, nature-inspired HempLucid brand. The overall navigation funnels you naturally through the team’s story, educational information, and into product detail pages where customers can learn and purchase.

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