Simplifying how people earn on product referrals they already make.



Kwik is an affiliate marketplace that tracks a user’s product referrals and generates earnings for every purchase they influence. The marketing team at Shout was looking for some help to identify and tell their unique story while improving the platform through UI/UX design.


We looked for ways to differentiate Kwik from a typical affiliate marketing platform and highlighted those features to ensure potential users understood the value the platform provided. Not only did we do this within marketing, but we also looked for ways to show users how to leverage the platform through an improved user experience.
Messaging Framework, Strategy, UX/UI Design
Custom E-Commerce

Empowering everyday users

Our messaging strategy revolved around one main idea - everyday people can earn for their referrals, no influence required. Most affiliate marketing companies cater to large influencer marketing in today’s social landscape, but Kwik makes it possible for everyday users to get rewarded when they make a referral to a product they love. Clearly articulating that Kwik is for everyone was priority #1. Even better, you earn even when a friend of a friend buys something, making their “waves” of earning a reality.

Simplified buying for exponential growth

The Kwik e-commerce experience is completely custom and many of the flows were overly complex when we began our design process. We made the functionality simple for a typical buyer, and looked for ways to encourage user sign up at the end of the purchase flow. This meant helping people make purchases quickly, and then pitching the value proposition of the platform in a way that felt natural and authentic. Because if someone liked the Kwik process, they were more likely to become a user themselves.

Marketing for referral marketing

The Kwik platform has the unique need to attract both brands and consumers. Creating a strategic position in the market that both groups can understand and want to engage with led to brand messaging that differentiates Kwik from the typical affiliate marketing platform and creates a real proposition for both user groups.

E-Commerce flows for every user

Just because an e-commerce flow is custom, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t leverage common patterns and processes. We helped the Kwik team reconfigure their cart and check out flow to incorporate best-practices and common interactions so it would feel familiar to even new users and make it possible for any person to make a purchase.

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