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Having gone through several transitions, Sherpa came to us to help usher in a new chapter having grown into a funding and marketing fixture in the Raleigh NC market. While they didn’t want to reinvent themselves, they did want to feel reinvigorated. This meant an updated web presence, as well as, an identity that was a clean and professional as they were.


One of the main goals of the refresh was to help tell the Sherpa story more holistically and provide potential clients with an in-depth look at what the Sherpa team could provide. The original Sherpa website was built on Wix, and our team decided to leverage this platform to both design and code simultaneously, plus make it simpler for the Sherpa team to alter and edit content in the future.
Development, UX/UI Design, Web Content
Wix Studio

Building on branding

While Sherpa had a name and logo, we wanted to help evolve that visual identity into a system they could use not only online, but across different applications. The resulting brand was a true refresh that cleaned up their mark and made it more versatile and consistent, including slightly updated color and font palettes that made sense for their next chapter.

A long-term web solution

Agency sites aren’t typically complex, but we wanted their new site to result in a set of building blocks that could be used in the future to create new pages and sections of the website. Plus, by using internal Wix customization and content management, they can evolve the information as the brand evolves over time.

Working within existing platforms

While we don’t normally work within Wix, we understand the benefit of building on something a team already knows and works within. In this case, that enabled us to launch a new digital experience quicker and have the Client simultaneously collaborate on content for the launch.

Agency collaboration

We’re always flattered to be asked to design for another agency. In this case, we wanted to make sure the visual identity and digital experience we put together matched the needs of Sherpa, resulting in something they could be proud of in front of their own clients.

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