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TenantCloud already has a committed user base, however, they approached us when they realized they needed to improve new user onboarding and increase platform education efforts. It was apparent that many of their new prospects were dropping off in the sign up flow, or not retaining an account after their 14 day trial period.


While we understood that improvements were needed within the sign up flow, our team started by solving for some of the issues we identified around platform adoption. We realized that many users didn't know where to start or felt overwhelmed when they finally got into the platform, so we created mechanisms to keep them on the right path, then worked backward through the sign up process.
UX/UI Design

Redesigned Onboarding

While we did redesign the onboarding flow, we also worked closely with them to understand the goals within the flow and adjust our solutions based on the business needs. This included considering multiple user types, decreasing barriers to getting into the platform, and moving some of the actions within the platform.

A Dashboard that Does More

Because we moved many of the onboarding actions into the platform, we wanted the dashboard to more clearly help a user take action, and move through the stages of setting up and managing a rental. The dashboard was also a way to visualize some of the data in new and interesting ways that could encourage continued platform use.

Streamlined Page Design

While we were finding ways to make platform use easier through notifications and educated recommendations, we also looked for ways to improve page structure and navigation so day-to-day user interactions were improved as well.

Updated Design System

These design changes within the platform eventually resulted in an updated design system that the TenantCloud team could use to make updates on their own, while staying true to the user experience and interface our team had created.

Moving Forward with Actionable Navigation

Many of the key updates our team made for the TenantCloud platform started within the global navigation. We reorganized and named many of the site segments to more expected vernacular and injected new elements like notifications or onboarding steps.

Better Conversion through Teaching

Strategically we knew we needed to better educate new (and in some cases existing) users on the features TenantCloud offers. We looked for multiple journeys and touch points that helped these users learn and use the many tools at their disposal.

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