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Student life is difficult. The world around them is fast-moving and tertiary education is more complex than ever. For these students to thrive, they require services and resources and accessing these disparate services and resources can be difficult. Voyage is an all-in-one platform meant to solve this problem.


We worked hand in hand with the Voyage leadership and marketing teams to bring all the necessary services and resources together on one platform. From connecting this unique community, to posting job applications, we helped Voyage understand how this could come to life so these students can succeed during their time at a tertiary institution in Australia.
Development, Platform Architecture, UX/UI Design, Web Content
AntD, Firebase, NextJS, React, TypeORM

Building a more meaningful resume

Collaborating with Voyage, we created a new type of combined profile-resume known as a Passport within the platform. Students will be able to manually create and manage their Passport which will not only include basic user information, but also a Graduate Outcomes Section that indicates their strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, and interests.

Employment opportunities made accessible

Utilizing the student Passport, Voyage will also try to match students with the best possible employment opportunities. Once found, students can easily apply without having to create new resumes, cover letters, and additional information documents since it already lives within the platform. Employers can then filter applicants based on their Passport to quickly find the strongest candidates.

Create simpler platform interactions

User participation is crucial to the success of the platform, and therefore, the user experience had to be both engaging and intuitive—designed to be at the forefront of application design. Our team spent the majority of our design efforts ensuring that interactions were crafted for this international experience and could adapt to new and experienced users alike.

Design language that evolves

The Voyage platform has great ambitions to include more than just the Passports and job postings. We created a design language that worked within the existing application needs and can expand into new community building, expanded resource tools, and student-oriented services as they are able to build them in the future.

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